In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain, innovation thrives on the spirit of community-driven initiatives. Based Nouns, a unique project based on the Ethereum L2 network, is leading the way in demonstrating the power of a truly community-run endeavor. In collaboration with BASE, incubated by Coinbase, Based Nouns is on a mission to expand the Nounish ecosystem onto the Base network. Let's dive into the heart of what makes Based Nouns a project like no other.

Community Ownership and DAO Power
At Based Nouns, we are dedicated to the principle that the true strength of any project lies in the hands of its community. To solidify this commitment, we have established a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is more than just a financial entity; it's the beating heart of our project. Our daily auctions serve a dual purpose: not only do they generate funds for our treasury, but they also act as a catalyst for inviting new community members. We view DAO members as fellow team members and co-owners of the project, granting them the power to submit proposals and exercise voting rights.

Unlike traditional projects with fixed roadmaps, Based Nouns embraces a dynamic approach. We see Based Nouns as a living organism, capable of evolving in various directions. The project's growth and trajectory are in the hands of the community and, most notably, the DAO holders. In the realm of Web3, the potential for innovation and expansion is limitless.
There may not be a set map; however, we do see many things happening in the near future. Some of that would be the following:
Growing Community Impact: The community-driven approach could lead to the realization of impactful projects, potentially fostering collaborations with other web3 initiatives and making a positive mark on both the digital and real-world landscapes.
Enhanced Governance: The DAO could evolve with more sophisticated governance mechanisms, empowering community members to play an even greater role in decision-making and shaping the trajectory of Based Nouns.
Utility Integration: The utility of Based Nouns tokens or NFTs could extend beyond the current scope, perhaps integrating with various decentralized applications or participating in unique functionalities within the Base L2 Network.
Wider Adoption: With strategic partnerships, marketing efforts, and community outreach, Based Nouns might gain increased recognition and adoption, attracting a diverse audience of creators, enthusiasts, and innovators.

Our Mission
At Based Nouns, we are dedicated to empowering our community members, enabling them to grow their ideas, fund businesses, and explore new horizons. Our mission revolves around two core pillars: the proliferation of Nouns and the expansion of BASE, with the overarching goal of onboarding a billion people onto the blockchain.

DAO with Daily Auctions
In the spirit of NounsDAO, Based Nouns conducts daily auctions, every 24 hours...forever, offering an exciting way for active engagement within the DAO. Holding a DAO token empowers our community members to actively influence the future of Based Nouns. The Nounish ecosystem thrives on collective participation, and every member has a vital role in shaping our journey.
Building a Thriving Community
Based Nouns stands out in the crypto world by truly building a community, rather than being controlled by a select few. We extend an open invitation to builders, creators, and enthusiasts to join us, not as passive followers but as co-founders with a voice in the project's future. The project's direction is determined through DAO votes, ensuring a transparent and collective decision-making process. Anyone can become an owner and actively contribute by participating in our auctions, obtaining Based DAO tokens, and submitting proposals.

Based Nouns PFP Collection
Our PFP collection is coming soon and it is a distinctive NFT series, comprising of unique pieces that meld iconic nouns style with a "based" twist. These NFTs hold cultural significance, evoking nostalgia, and creating an immediate connection with collectors. It's a captivating fusion of the familiar and the unconventional, appealing to a diverse audience.

Igniting the Spirit of BASE
Based Nouns is dedicated to elevating the bar for NFTs, DAOs, and community ownership, in harmony with the spirit of the Base blockchain and the nouns ecosystem. Our DAO is built on the innovative BASE network, with a mission to ignite identity, foster a vibrant community, establish effective governance, and cultivate a robust treasury that empowers and benefits our collective.

The BASE Network
The BASE network, a secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly Ethereum L2, incubated by Coinbase, is the foundation upon which Based Nouns thrives. It is designed to bring the next billion users into the world of Web3, and Based Nouns is at the forefront of this transformative journey.
Learn more: base.org

Join the Thriving BASED NOUNS Community
Based Nouns welcomes artists, developers, enthusiasts, and creators from all walks of life to collaborate, innovate, and shape the evolution of our DAO. Together, we're expanding the Nounish ecosystem onto Base and making a significant mark in the world of blockchain experiences. Join us on this remarkable journey, where imagination knows no limits, and the possibilities are boundless. Become a part of the BASED NOUNS movement and help redefine the future of NFTs and community-driven blockchain projects.

But what is NounsDAO?
If you've made it this far and are not familiar with Nouns we are surprised. But there's no need to worry, we've got you covered. Take a moment to watch these two videos below and learn more at nouns.wtf
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